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Tuesday, September 23, 2014
4:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.
Forum begins at 5:30 p.m.
Alabama Cruise Terminal

Monday, September 29, 2014
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Local 15 - WPMI
Coastal Community Spotlight
 Focused on Spanish Fort


Every now and then, we need a reminder
of just how special Spanish Fort and the
Mobile-Tensaw Delta truly are.  Local 15
Reporter, Darwin Singleton, revisited our
area recently to check out the Delta's
unique features first-hand.
Follow the links below to watch his reports
on the multitude of animal and plant species
which make Spanish Fort and the
Mobile-Tensaw Delta such a special place.
You'll want to check it out for yourself!!

Part 1 - Raptors in Spanish Fort
Part 2 - Riding Along the Delta


The Photo Gallery  to see
the most recent construction  
photos of the new Spanish Fort
Community Center and City Hall.
You will also find photo albums for
the special events which the City hosts
throughout the year!  


will be held Tuesday, November 4. 

Sign Ordinance No. 411-2012 states
that political signs may be erected 
no more than 90-days prior to an election.
In addition, political signs shall not be placed
on private property without the expressed
permission of the property owner
or located in any rights-of-way.
For additional information, please review
the Sign Ordinance at the link above.

For information regarding voter registration,
location of polling places, absentee voting,
etc., contact the Board of Registrar's Office
at 251-937-0305.

The City of Spanish Fort is in the
planning stages of opening a brand
new, state-of-the-art, public library!! 

We are thrilled about this project
and hope that you will join us in
spreading the news to others
in the surrounding areas.

In preparation for the opening of the
first-ever City of Spanish Fort Library,
we want to hear from you!
What are your ideas and expectations
for this exciting project?

Please send your questions and
comments to the Library Director.
We will do our best to answer 
them and add them to our
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
regarding the new library.



If "Rocky" dug out under the backyard fence,
or got away when someone opened the door,
 would he be one of the fortunate pets to be
reunited with his family? Would you know how
or where to begin your search for him?  


One of your first calls should be to Spanish
Fort City Hall, 251-626-4884,  to determine
whether your pet was brought to City Hall
for holding. When a lost pet is picked up by
City staff or brought to City Hall, our staff
makes a concerted effort to reunite
lost pets with their owners.  It is suggested
that you also call area veterinary clinics
in the event that your lost pet was taken
there for holding or emergency treatment.

The best chance for your pet's return may be
assured when the pet is wearing a collar
with I.D. tag.  The I.D. allows anyone who
finds the pet to contact the pet's owner. If
no I.D. is present, City staff will check for
the presence of a micro-chip, a device
approximately the size of a grain of
rice,  implanted under the pet's skin.
The micro-chip contains valuable contact
information which is provided to a
national pet registry by the pet's owner.  The
information is used in the attempt to
reunite the lost pet with its owner, whether
the animal goes missing from your
neighborhood or while miles away from home.
Check the City's facebook page titled
 Spanish Fort, Alabama, where the pet's
photo may be posted and shared by others
in the City and the surrounding area.  If
these efforts yield no positive results, the
animal will be taken to the Baldwin County
Animal Control facility in Magnolia Springs,
with the hope that it will be "found" by its
owner or adopted by a new owner, rather
than face possible euthanization.

Our pets love us unconditionally. 
 Please return that love by making sure
your pet wears a collar or harness which
includes contact information -- your 
phone number or the name and phone
number of your veterinarian.  It is also
beneficial to have your pet micro-chipped,
in case the animal loses its collar and I.D. 
As a responsible pet owner, do your
part in making it possible for "Rocky" to get
back home to his family quickly and safely.

Lastly, please familiarize yourself with and
abide by Spanish Fort's leash laws, which
are outlined in City Ordinance No. 115-2001.


Welcome to the official website of the City of Spanish  Fort!  Whether you are a resident, considering a move, or just visiting our city, I hope that this site will become your go-to source for useful information about Spanish Fort and Baldwin County.  Please check back often for the most current announcements and information.  Our City staff strives to provide the best possible services for citizens and visitors alike and appreciates your comments and questions.  


Notice of Date Change for Work Session
 of Spanish Fort Planning Commission


There are no Bidding or RFP
Opportunities at this time.



Ordinance 449-2013, an Ordinance
Adopting Various Standard Codes by
Reference and Providing for Certain Fees
and Penalties for Violations of Said Codes,
was adopted on September 9, 2013.
Please contact the Spanish Fort Building
Department for more information.



This is the time of year when the mosquito
population is at its highest and people
are at highest risk of contracting
Eastern Equine Encephalitis
and West Nile Virus
from bites by affected mosquitoes.

We all must do our part in controlling
mosquitoes by interrupting their life cycle,
as well as taking precautions to 
protect ourselves from mosquito bites.
Every few days, empty standing water from
flower pots, containers, pet's water bowls
and birdbaths around your yard.  Turn
wheelbarrows over so as not to collect
water.  Rid your yard of tires or any other
items which may hold water in which
mosquitoes may breed.


The City of Spanish Fort sprays the City's
public areas weekly before and during
mosquito activity. All spraying activity is
done at dusk or several hours before sunrise,
Monday - Thursday. Larvicide mosquito rings
are available at City Hall for treating standing
water and preventing mosquitoes from
hatching. Larvicide rings are non-toxic to
 humans or pets. Call City Hall at
251.626.4884 to check availability
of the larvicide dunks.

For more information about controlling the
mosquito population in Baldwin County, visit
the Baldwin County Animal Control website
or call 251.947.3618.