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The SFPL collection is currently comprised of over 4,000 donated materials and nearly 9,000 items.  Additions of materials are made regularly and we certainly welcome book donations of new or like-new books for the library.  If you would like to assist the library by donating additional materials, please review the following checklist as a helpful guide when considering what to donate.​


  • Date - when was the item published and will it benefit the collection?

  • Author - is the author still read or likely to be in the future?

  • Publisher - was the book self-published or published by an 'instant' press?  

  • Is the item known or familiar?

  • Physical condition - are there factors which make the item unattractive? (For example, is the book clean or does it have an odor?)

  • Remove all sticks and wipe down all book donations prior to bringing them to the library for donation.

It is critical that these specifics be met before donating materials to the library.  Your consideration allows the library staff to ensure a smooth transition of donated materials into the collection, allowing for the future enjoyment of our patrons.

If your item donations fit the criteria above, please contact Tracy M. Cole, Library Director, by email or phone to discuss your donation gift and a timeline for drop off. 

SFPL is currently accepting the following:

  •    Clean and like-new condition hardback books

  •    Clean and gently-used paperback books 

  •    Clean quality DVD's

  •    Clean and good-condition children's books

  •    Magazine or newspaper annual subscriptions 

  •    Volunteers

  •    Friends of the Library members

  •    Monetary donations

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